Monday, 24 February 2014

Tom Dolan

Thomas Fitzgerald Dolan (born September 15, 1975) is an American former competition swimmer, two-time Olympic champion, and former world record-holder.
Dolan grew up swimming for Rick Curl and the Curl-Burke Swim Club, along with the
 Washington Golf & Country Club during the summer. He attended the University of Michagan
where he swam for coach Jon Urbancheck's team
. During his college swimming career, he won individual NCAA national championships in the 
500-yard freestyle (1995, 1996, 1997), 1,650-yard freestyle (1995, 1996), and 400-yard
 individual medley (1995, 1996), and was a member of three of Michigan's winning teams in 
the 800-yard freestyle relay (1994, 1995, 1996).

 He now runs the Tom Dolan Swim School in Northern Virginia, teaching infants to 
adults—solid fundamentals that are essential for water-safety, recreational and competitive swimming.
His full name is Thomas Fitzgerald Doland and is nicknamed Tom.He is an American from the United States
and was born on September 15th 1975 in Arlington Virginia and like 6ft and 6 inches tall weighing
weighing 86 kg in Club Michigan
Tom Dolan

Olympic Gold Medalist, World Record Holder, and Asthma Sufferer At 6'6" and 180 pounds, Dolan has the perfect body for a world-class swimmer but he suffers from extreme allergies and asthma. His unusually narrow windpipe allows him to handle only 20% as much air as the average person and most drugs commonly used to treat similar conditions are banned in international competitions.
But Tom won't let that stop him from achieving his goals. He knows he must have some other type of relief. Breathing clean air is absolutely essential. Tom knows full well that allergens and pollutants in the home can trigger asthma attacks.

- The Defender room air cleaner helps remove allergens and irritants from the air so that he can lead a more normal life
- Pollen, dust, noxious fumes, and dander are just a few of the irritants that Tom no longer has to deal with because FILTERQUEEN protects his home.
"Winning the Olympic gold medal feels great," said Tom, "but nothing feels better than knowing that my family and I are breathing cleaner, healthier air in our hom

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